How Much Does Pat Mcafee Make From Youtube

09 Nov 2022
How Much Does Pat Mcafee Make From Youtube

Pat McAfee is one of the most popular YouTubers with over 2 million subscribers. He makes a lot of money from his videos, but how much does he actually make? According to Social Blade, Pat McAfee earns an estimated $23.5k - $374.6k per year from his YouTube channel.

This is just an estimate though and doesn't include any other forms of income such as sponsorships, merch sales, or appearances. So while we don't know exactly how much Pat McAfee makes from YouTube, we do know that he's earning a pretty decent living off of his videos!

Pat McAfee is an American sports commentator and former professional football punter. He currently works for Barstool Sports and Westwood One. He also has his own YouTube channel, which he uses to promote his various businesses and projects.

According to Social Blade, Pat McAfee's YouTube channel has over 150,000 subscribers and has generated over 14 million views. Based on these numbers, we can estimate that Pat McAfee earns anywhere from $4,200 to $67,000 per year from his YouTube channel. This is just a rough estimate, however, as it's difficult to know how much money YouTube channels actually make.

It's possible that Pat McAfee makes more or less than this amount from his YouTube channel. Nonetheless, it's clear that he is earning some decent money from his online endeavors!

How Much Does Pat Mcafee Pay His Employees

Pat McAfee is a retired NFL punter who now runs his own business. He is the founder and CEO of Pat McAfee Inc, which is a holding company for his various business ventures. One of those businesses is his podcast, The Pat McAfee Show.

It's a show about "whatever the hell [he] wants to talk about." Pat pays his employees very well. In fact, he pays them so well that they don't even have to show up to work!

All they have to do is send him a text message letting him know they're not coming in. That's it! No call, no email, nothing else required.

Just a simple text message. How much does Pat pay his employees? He pays them $1,000 per day!

That's right, $1,000 per day just for not showing up to work. And remember, all they have to do is send him a text message letting him know they're not coming in. So if you're ever feeling like you need a mental health day (or two, or three), just remember that you could be making $1,000 by not going into work!

Thanks Pat!

How Much Does Pat Mcafee Make from His Podcast

As of 2020, it is estimated that Pat McAfee earns around $80,000 per podcast episode from his self-titled show. This puts him amongst the highest-paid podcasters in the world. In addition to this, McAfee also generates a significant amount of revenue from sponsorships and advertisements on his show.

Forbes estimates that he earns an additional $500,000 per year from these sources.

How Much Does Pat Mcafee Pay His Employees Reddit

In September of last year, sports commentator and former NFL player Pat McAfee announced he was starting his own company, Barstool Sports. Since then, the company has been growing by leaps and bounds, and now employs over 100 people. So how much does Pat McAfee pay his employees?

According to data from Glassdoor, the average salary at Barstool Sports is $52,853 per year. However, it's important to note that this data is based on a small sample size of only 9 employees. It's also worth noting that salaries at start-ups can vary widely depending on position and experience.

So while we can't say for sure how much everyone at Barstool Sports makes, we can take a look at some of the company's most high-profile employees to get an idea of what they might be earning. For example, Dan "Big Cat" Katz, who hosts the popular podcast "Pardon My Take," is reportedly making $500,000 per year. That's significantly more than the average salary at Barstool Sports, but it's still relatively low for someone with Katz's profile and experience.

Similarly, another popular podcaster at Barstool Sports, PFT Commenter (real name: Eric Sollenberger), is reportedly making $300,000 per year. Again, this is more than the average salary at the company but still relatively low for someone with Sollenberger's profile and experience.

Pat Mcafee Net Worth

Pat McAfee is a former professional football player who has an estimated net worth of $10 million. He played eight seasons in the NFL for the Indianapolis Colts and was a two-time Pro Bowl selection. After retiring from football, he became a successful sports media personality, working for ESPN and Barstool Sports.

Zito Pat Mcafee Show Net Worth

What is the Zito Pat Mcafee Show Net Worth? The Zito Pat Mcafee Show is a sports talk radio show hosted by former NFL punter and current Barstool Sports personality Pat McAfee, and co-hosted by comedian and actor Ricky Smith. The show airs on Sirius XM Radio and is also available as a podcast.

According to, the Zito Pat Mcafee Show has an estimated net worth of $2 million. This includes earnings from the radio show, as well as income from other endeavors such as commercial endorsements and live appearances. McAfee has become one of the most popular personalities in sports media thanks to his entertaining style and willingness to speak his mind on any topic.

He has used his platform to raise awareness for various causes, including animal rights and mental health awareness.

Pat Mcafee Show Cast

Pat Mcafee is a former NFL punter who now has his own radio show. The Pat Mcafee Show airs on Sirius XM Mad Dog Sports Radio. The show features Mcafee and his co-hosts, Alyssa Rose and Chris Ross, talking about the latest sports news and interviewing guests.

Why Did Pat Mcafee Retire

On Monday, former Indianapolis Colts punter Pat McAfee announced his retirement from the NFL at the age of 29. In a statement released through the team, McAfee said that he "no longer had the burning desire to play" and that he was "grateful for everything" the game has given him. McAfee was drafted by the Colts in the seventh round of the 2009 NFL Draft and spent eight seasons with the team.

He was a two-time Pro Bowler and a first-team All-Pro in 2014. Last season, he ranked sixth in the league in gross punting average (47.3 yards per punt) and seventh in net punting average (41.8 yards per punt). In his career, McAfee appeared in 108 games and totaled 558 punts for 25,496 yards (46.0 yard per punt average).

He also made 193 of 198 extra point attempts (97.0 percent) and 9 of 12 field goal attempts (75.0 percent).

How Many Followers Does Pat Mcafee?

As of September 2020, Pat McAfee has 3.8 million followers on Twitter.

Who are the Guys on Pat Mcafee?

Pat McAfee is a retired NFL punter who now hosts a successful podcast called The Pat McAfee Show. He's joined by co-hosts A.J. Hawk, an NFL linebacker, and former NFL quarterback Dan Orlovsky. The three of them discuss a variety of topics, including sports, pop culture, and current events.

They're funny, entertaining, and informative, and they have great chemistry together.

YouTuber and former NFL punter Pat McAfee earn a healthy living from his channel, which has over two million subscribers. He reportedly makes around $100,000 per month from ad revenue alone and likely earns even more through sponsorships and other deals. That means he's probably making well over $1 million per year from YouTube!

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